Here are some papers that I have written. Most of them I wrote during school. This is by no means all of the papers than I wrote in school (I wrote a lot of papers in school). But more, the ones that I though people might find interesting. If you need "real world" references for any of them I might be able to come up with that too.

Scheduling of Processes for a Simultaneous Multithreading Processor
This was my graduate thesis. It looks at the problems that are create when one tries to put SMT into a processor. It specifically is looking at how processes are scheduled in this environment. It builds on SMP scheduling techniques, but has some elements which are not as straight forward. I also have the source code seperate for those who want to play with it.
Semiconductor Materials and Devices Final Report
A lab report that was writen based on the quarter long lab that Jill Sprauge and I did during our class. In the lab we built a diode by hand. It wasn't a very good diode, but we tried. It also contains lots of microscope pictures and details of the process that we used. It is bzip'ed because otherwise it would be huge.