Over the history of human society we can see great increases in productivity through unlocking the potential of greater and greater segments of the human population. Today, more people can contribute creatively to the betterment of the world than ever before. While more work is to be done there, an eventual maximum is possible. What happens if all humans are working together for the betterment of humanity? Where will our next gains in productivity come from? At Canonical we're thinking beyond this eventual limit, and that's one of the reasons that we introduced the HUD. The HUD makes your cat more productive than ever before.

Cat launching nukes

Extensive research has been done on how cats interact with keyboards, it can be seen in chat rooms all across the Internet. From "awsd" to "jijkl" these appear nonsensical to everyone else, but it is the cat trying to use a computer effectively. Using the HUD matching algorithms the cat is able to select "Launch Nukes" from the menu using these simple key combinations.

There is certainly more work to be done. For instance, it's impossible for a cat to unlock the screen at the start of a workday. This is why we're investing in kitty facial recognition at the screen saver lock screen. We're also looking at laser pointer based mouse control, by swiping the "virtual pointer" the cat is able to control the pointer on screen. Lastly, we're working a remote control helicopter based catnip delivery system to take advantage of the eventual disposable income of working cats.

We hope that you are as excited about these potential advancements in Earth's overall productivity as we are. By thinking beyond the human race we hope to find advancements that help humans as well.

Cat pic CC-BY-NC-SA by Sophie

posted Apr 1, 2012 | permanent link