Advanced Image Processing
EC 582
Bryan and Ted

    This lab consisted of comparing the difference in results between a morphological gradient to other standard gradient techniques.  To start off, we used the following two images for our testing.

Gray scale image

Binary image

We first performed the morphological gradient on the gray scale image.  To perform this, we downloaded two files from the MATLAB home page.  These two files performed gray scale erosion and dilation.  We then performed the gradient by subtracting the dilation of the image by the erosion of the image.  Below are the results of this operation.

Morphological Gradient

We then performed a gradient on the image using a derivative filter.  We did this by convoluting the image with the mask

A = [1 -1]

Below are the results of this operation.

Derivative filter

Notice how the derivative filter found many more edges than the morphological gradient.

We then applied the same gradient techniques on the binary image.  Here are the resulting images from the binary gradients.

Binary Morphological Gradient

Binary Derivative filter

Notice how for the derivative filter it only  found the horizontal edges.