For a while I've had a little project for debugging the desktop. Basically it starts tracking all of the DBus events on the user session startup so that you can figure out what's going on. This is especially an issue for indicators, where they're started at login, and sometimes it can be hard to track what is happening.

Previously it was pretty hard to inject into the startup of the session. Getting in the middle of building a very long command line was risky and pretty fragile. Not proud of what I had to do. Now that I have Upstart user session running, I took the opportunity port this debugging script over to Upstart.

Now I have this one simple configuration file that can be dropped in /usr/share/upstart/sessions and gets started immediately after dbus:

description "Bustle Boot Log"
author "Ted Gould "

start on started dbus
stop on desktop-end

	rm -f ~/.cache/bustle-boot-log/boot-log.bustle
	mkdir -p ~/.cache/bustle-boot-log/
	timeout -s INT 30 bustle-pcap --session ~/.cache/bustle-boot-log/boot-log.bustle &
end script

The beauty of this is that I can inject this small little script in, and have Upstart figure out all the startup mess. I also have minimal impact on the natural desktop boot which is critcial for testing. Simple things to make debugging easier.

posted Apr 30, 2013 | permanent link