I've got an Android phone and I really wanted to get the calendars syncing with my desktop (Ubuntu). I tried the Android recommended Google Calendar, and it didn't really work for a variety of reasons. Off to try a new solution.

What I ended up doing is using Ubuntu One (U1) to sync the iCal files that Evolution Data Server (EDS) uses as its backend to the cloud. And then I published those files using U1's publish feature. Then I brought those back into my phone using ICSSync. Let's go through that step by step so you can get it set up too.

To get your EDS calendars are in your home directory under ~/.local/share/evolution/calendar so to get U1 to start syncing them to the cloud you need to execute this command u1sdtool --create-folder=/.local/share/evolution/calendar. U1 should start sync'ing that folder, and it should show up on the U1 website here.

You should there have a variety of folders that are your individual calendars. If you can then publish the calendar.ics file that is in each of these folders by clicking on the "More" button the right. You can enter the URL of the published file into ICSSync's "Add feed" dialog.

There are some downsides to this approach, specifically the answer to the U1 question "Are published files private?" But it is working well for me. Hope it works for you too!

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posted Aug 15, 2011 | permanent link