I gave a talk at my first ever Desktop Summit, which went well, though a little short. Brought out some of the technical underpinnings of the messaging menu and indicator system, and had some frank discussion about the mistakes that we've made (and are fixing). I've put up the slides for those not there, I'm told there will be video shortly.

Desktop Summit '09 Talk

Also, I forgot to blog about the talk that I was giving to my local Rotary chapter about Free Software. It was a fun talk and one that was more of an emotional talk than the technical talks that I normally give. Which allowed me to be a little more Tufte-ian.

Rotary Talk

Lastly, I made a project on Launchpad for people to put thier presentations in so that they're easy to find. It's creatively called "presentations" you can upload your presentation with: bzr push lp:~<lp username>/presentations/<talk name>

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