Pinkitude for life!  A pink reminder that self breast exams are 'for life' by QuichLouraine

When people try to talk about how working on Open Source is some sort of social work I'm usually dismissive; saying something like "well, we're not curing cancer." Wouldn't you know it? People are trying to move me wrong!

Recently Deviant Art held a contest with the Susan G. Koman foundation to make art informing people (okay, mostly women) about breast cancer. Lorain A. Baird won for her work titled Pinkitude for life (right) which was done in Inkscape. For those who don't know Deviant Art it's a website where artists from all over using all different mediums gather to share and comment on each other's work. This means that that the contest included entries spanning the possibilities of tools and techniques, and an Inkscape entry won. Of course, the true credit there goes to Lorain for her great work, but I'm proud for Inkscape too.

Louise Brooks the silent film star by Quiche Louraine

Looking through Lorain's Gallery there is a ton to love, but I started reading through the comments on her portrait of Louise Brooks and noticed a comment that was really nice. From montroytana:

ive never seen a piece of art (before yours) and said GOD ive got to have the program that made that! your stuff is really wonderful
That's the feeling that I want everyone to have when thinking about choosing Open Source software. I want them to be so impressed with what they can do that they feel empowered to go get it done.

I'm hugely proud of the Inkscape team in what we've accomplished and I think that I can speak for all of us and say that we're impressed with all the great work that Inkscape artists do to make us look good.

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