Launchpad users know that it can send quite a bit of e-mail. Okay, a LOT of e-mail. There has been effort on the Launchpad side of things to add controls to set the amount of Launchpad e-mail you get. But for some of us, even getting the mail that you need results in a fair amount of Launchpad mail. In playing with my procmail config for Launchpad mail I stumbled on this little feature that I love, and thought I'd share, as it's cleaned up my mail a lot. The secret rule is:

* ^X-launchpad-bug:.*product=\/[a-z0-9-]+

Quite simply that rule takes the project specifier on a bug mail, and uses it for the folder name that it puts the mail into. This means each project gets it's own mail box, no matter what. So even as you add groups or subscribe to new bugs, you just get new mail boxes. Works for me. Hope it helps other folks too.

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posted Feb 1, 2012 | permanent link